School bus Kaufland food truck

The first food truck we produced involved the transformation of an American school bus, the Blue Bird brand. After dismantling the original furniture, the cooking and serving area were separated from the driver’s compartment, and this became one of the most original food trucks there are.
The interior of the cooking and serving area was upholstered with satin stainless steel, after the electrical, thermal and ventilation networks were previously installed through the walls, floor and ceiling.
The food truck can operate autonomously, with the help of an electric generator, as well as fresh and used water tanks, but it can also be connected to public utility networks. The space was then equipped with state-of-the-art professional equipment: gastro, cold and storage, from manufacturers such as Âbert, Mareno, Forcar, Liebherr, Tefcold.
Finally, after painting, followed the exterior inscription, made with an airbrush technique.
The solution is available, of course, in its fixed version, as well, as the cooking equipment can also be installed in a container.