Schnitzel on wheels Foodtruck

Schnitzel on wheels is one of the most colorful projects that came out of our production, and the principles from which its final beneficiaries started this journey, together with the quality standards used for the actual realization of this food truck, convince us that our desires are, once again, in good hands.

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L’Art fast food trailer

Another special project, this time made possible with the help of the Start-up Nation funding program, is the elegant L’Art fast food trailer, which currently brings pride to its final beneficiary – the hotel of the same name in Carei, Satu Mare.

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School bus Kaufland food truck

The first food truck we produced involved the transformation of an American school bus, the Blue Bird brand. After dismantling the original furniture, the cooking and serving area were separated from the driver’s compartment, and this became one of the most original food trucks there are.

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