Imbiss / Grill Kaufland

After countless special projects of vehicles and other mobile solutions, we thought adding some fixed solutions to our portfolio will be only fair. This happened in the form of containers, that can cover – depending on their equipment – various destinations, among the most varied, with applications in both civil and military or emergency situations.

Such a container, among our firsts, was an imbiss container, measuring 8500x2500x2700 mm, in which were installed gastronomic, cold, and storage equipment of the latest generation, from the professional ranges of manufacturers such as Ubert, Liebherr, Piazza, Forcar.

  • Through the walls and floor of the structure were introduced sanitary and thermal networks and electrical wiring, which allowed – among others – the execution of a heating system through the floor of the container and a powerful electrical system, and provided total safety in operation. The container also benefits from extremely powerful fans and hoods, specially designed and dedicated to this type of activity, having the ability to operate at maximum parameters for long periods in high-temperature conditions and facilitating the rapid evacuation of fats, smoke and odors.
  • The interior of the cooking and serving area has been upholstered with satin stainless steel (walls and ceiling) and with a special floor made of epoxy resins cast without joints, providing water resistance, and excellent anti-slip properties, chemical and mechanical stability, resistance to high temperatures, being very easy to clean and disinfect, as well.
  • The container, measuring 8500x2500x2700 mm, was made of steel profiles, the walls, and enclosures being made of aluminum with thermal and fireproof insulation.