Why cooknest?

Cooknest FoodTrucks is the newest division of the Deltamed group, so it benefits from the relevant experience of over 20 years of activity and 12 years in the production and equipment of special vehicles, doubled by specialized and constantly trained personnel, in accordance with the best technological means. Traits such as professionalism, imagination, and attention to detail recommend Cooknest as the best option for any type of project of any kind, no matter how challenging. In addition, we benefit from all the essential dedicated resources and departments: Design & Research, After Sales, Service & Maintenance, so that nothing can stand between us and the full implementation of the best solutions for the businesses who choose us.

And in order to better understand the values ​​that define us, here are just a few of the ideas that guide our daily work:

We understand that everything must be done overnight, but we always think in the long run, and we know that a sustained pace of work alone does not ensure the success of the project. Therefore, an impeccable organization of time is essential in any such approach, transposed into a healthier notion of balance between efficiency and speed in work, without the intervention of the rush “that spoils the job”, every time, around the deadlines. Given this idea, our goal is that, every time, the immediate, easily observable quality of our services and products gets doubled in the long run. In other words, we do not consider the work completed after we have successfully delivered a project, but only after we have made sure that it adapts brilliantly to the conditions in which it will be used, and its beneficiary is fully satisfied with the result of our work. Open post-sales communication is the key tool to make this possible.


We are not content to live up to the expectations of our customers, but we aim, every time, to exceed them. We are constantly challenged, we believe in innovation and we enrich our knowledge organically, because we already know that a true specialist is only the one who accepts the fact that he can never know everything. Study at a steady pace, adapted to current times, whatever they may be, along with a healthy dose of patience and a real love for what you do are irreplaceable attributes in this field.


Details are extremely important to us, as they can often make the difference between a mediocre and an absolutely memorable project, and between the failure or success of any kind of business. All the more so when we talk about small businesses at the beginning of their activity, where any wrong step is all the more visible and can prove to be difficult, if not impossible, to recover from, a sustainable, stable and sincere partnership can essentially tilt the balance in favor of a necessary reorganizing, at the critical moment.

Quality before quantity. We don’t let ourselves be carried away by searching our fame in numbers. At least not in the number of projects we can accept/accomplish in a certain time, for example, but possibly only in the number of happy people we can help through our projects. This obviously includes both direct and indirect beneficiaries, all those people who come to enjoy or positively influence, in one way or another, the result of our work. Experience has taught us that, in most cases, overcrowding and overworking staff results in poor results, or at least below their true potential, so it is very important to know both our strengths and the inevitable limitations and to act consistently.

We are guided by the idea that competent and happy employees are behind any successful business, so it is essential that respect for the field in which we operate is not only found in the visible parts, but to start from the inside. Caring for employees and providing them uninterrupted training give us a perfect asset, which will always be the unseen secret behind every successful new project.